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"I like this platform because it gives busy professionals like us a way to access the materials that we need for our professional growth at our own pace and space. And because this is an international community, that also makes the contents and sharing here more diverse and rich."
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"I am so grateful for your videos and the resources available through the SFU. I’ve recently started a new position that is heavy with “diagnostic” approaches. Your videos are such a breath of fresh air, and essential for me to plug into your uplifting approach to maintain both my sanity and positive practices. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! "
" Whether you are a therapist, counselor, coach, or other allied health professional, the SFU (as it is more commonly called) can be a place where you return regularly to re-charge, make friends, deepen collegial relationships, and learn how you can apply Solution Focused principles in your professional work."
There is ALWAYS something new for me in the materials shared within this group. ALWAYS! But what resonated the most deeply with me was the comment about how the SFB approach is "congruent with who I wanted to be - felt like I came home." That summarizes so succinctly how I feel about this work. I believe that moving toward something (i.e. "the solution") vs. from something (i.e. "the problem") changes the spirit and focus of the process to be positive and forward thinking. It forces us to be rooted in the preferred future, desired outcome instead of being rooted in the problem. The client already lives "in the problem" and this approach moves the client to living "in the desired life".
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